Bone Densitometry

A bone density scan (DXA) is a painless medical test that our physicians use for diagnosis and treatment of a variety of conditions. A (DXA ) bone densitometry test is often used to aid in the diagnosis of osteoporosis and other conditions that may cause bone loss. We provide a comfortable, on site environment for this testing and your physician can review the results with you immediately, assisting in a rapid and accurate assessment of your bone health.
Your physician may order a bone density test if:
you have had x-rays showing vertebral fracture
you are at high risk due to certain medications such as corticosteroids
you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis
you are a postmenopausal woman
you have a history or family history of smoking or hip fracture
you have a thyroid or parathyroid condition
you are a man with medical conditions known to cause bone loss

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